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New Voicemail Technology

Voice mail to email, local phone numbers or mobile phones.

Today users of voice mail can utilize a service such as eVoice.

Subscribers to an eVoice service can have their voice mail message from what ever number they designate sent directly to the e-mail address they choose. eVoice is a form of Internet answering machine and it works by signing up for an account and receiving a special, personalized phone number to use.

Users forward their regularly used phone number to their eVoice number when the phone is not answered and any message that is left on the eVoice system is forwarded to the user’s e-mail. This is handy if a user is traveling overseas where cellular phones may not work.

Additionally, voice mail can also be retrieve by visual voice mail or random access voice mail. These two types of voice mail options are typically used with a person’s cellular phone and they display the voice mail on the cell phones panel as a text message. User’s can also randomly access their voice mail so they do not have to slog through all of the voice mails to get to just one.